FIT For Charity 2020 - Online Run Regulations 

Safety precautions 

  1. To prevent the spread and infection of new COVID-19, please do not participate if you have a fever, cough,  abnormal sense of taste or smell, discomfort in your physical condition, or are suspected of having close contact with an infected person. 
  2. Please avoid running in crowds, and take measures such as keeping an appropriate social distance from other pedestrians, and wearing a mask or a mouth cover especially when there are many people nearby. If the temperature is high, to avoid the risk of heat stroke and dehydration, please take measures on your own such as taking a break depending on the situation. 
  3. Please avoid disrupting the public traffic or disturbing others around you, and if running at night, ensure your safety by wearing reflectors and headlights. 
  4. Please participate by observing traffic rules, manners, and rules for using facilities such as parks. 

Participation Rules 

Please check the Participation Rules before registering to FIT For Charity Run 2020. If a company representative registers participants in one go on behalf of all individual participants, please ensure all participants consent to the below. 

  1. In participating, I will abide by all guidelines and regulations related to this event. 
  2. In case the event needs to be changed or canceled for reasons not attributable to the organiser, such as strong winds, heavy rain, snow, earthquake disaster, epidemics, infectious diseases, other weather conditions, accidents, and incidents (including environmental changes and changes in social conditions around the venue), and the issuance of a declaration of a state of emergency and requests by the national and local governments to refrain from holding the event, I agree that participation fees will not be refunded. 
  3. I accept that I will handle and take sole responsibility for any injuries, incidents, accidents, etc., that may occur during my participation in this event., and that I hold the organiser harmless and free from all liability and claims. 
  4. I understand that the organiser does not take out any accident insurance and other insurance for this event.
  5. My participating family members and, in the case of minor participants, guardians have agreed to participate in this event after accepting these Participation Rules. 
  6. I agree that my name, address (incl. state or city), company, and personally identifiable images, videos, and other personal information in the videos, photographs, articles, and records of this event may be published and used in newspapers, televisions, magazines, the Internet, pamphlets, and other media for the purpose  of reporting or public relations, and that the organiser or a third party designated by the organiser may use my portrait rights. 
  7. The organiser recognises the importance of personal information, strictly observes laws and related laws     regarding the protection of personal information, and handles personal information in accordance with the  organiser's personal information protection policy.